Aldebaran Editions was founded in 2012 with the aim to publish scores, art catalogs, audio CDs and DVDs and historical and educational studies. The basic idea is to create a dialog between the artistic disciplines, integrated with the philosophy and literature knowledge which is their precondition. Looking therefore for synergic potentials between the Arts, moving towards new expressive horizons.

From its first productions Aldebaran Editions pays particular attention to the instrumental education, drawing on the great musical repertoire of the world's tradition, bringing it to the knowledge of a wider audience and proposing it in evocative and innovative transcriptions for all musical instruments.

It avails itself of a prestigious and large scientific committee, specialized in the different sectors: musicians (composers and instrumentalists), artists, historians and teachers.

In book production it pays great attention to the graphicquality of its products, making use of a graphic / art studio.

Aldebaran Editions Association organizes musical events (concerts, master classes, educational conferences, etc.) and artistic events (exhibitions, meetings with artists, etc.) cooperating with various Associations and Institutions.

It aims to promote particularly deserving soloists and chamber groups through recordings and videos and promoting unpublished compositions dedicated to them.

Another goal of Aldebaran Editions is to make the most of the production of contemporary music through the creation of a catalog.

Aldebaran Editions also produces specialized audio and videorecordings.